Literary Fireworks

Some books set off fireworks of their own. As much as I pay attention to the many lists of books coming across my desk, it’s surprising how often books come to me through a conversation with a friend or through the wisp of a mention in another book I’m reading.

Nothing beats an ebullient recommendation of a book from someone who knows your taste in reading. I always give a book I’m reading 50 pages to win me over but those books that come to me on a wave of acclamation certainly have a head start on anything else I read. That’s the way bookselling traditionally has worked. If you’ve experienced that connection with a bookstore, you know what I mean.

Because someone in my household is immunocompromised, I’m part of that nebulous 5-15% of our population still in mitigation, and therefore I’m continuing to work remotely and truly missing those kinds of irreplaceable moments with customers.

Being away from the store has forced me to find new ways to share the books I love with the readers I believe will also love them, and may need them in their lives.

So click here to see a few titles that might stir something in your imagination as they have in mine.

Happy Reading!